• Detectronic Dete-X 30-500

Brand recognition and HACCP programs are important factors in the food industry today. Consumers and retailers are more focused on purchasing quality products. A contamination issue can therefore have a severe impact on the brand image and the long-term success of a business.

Detectronic DeteX-series of automatic X-Ray inspection machines are designed to inspect and eliminate the risk of contaminants in food production, and to make sure that the products leaving your factory are as safe and consistent as possibly.

Detectronic can - with its long experience - assist you in choosing the right equipment to help you protect your brand image and ensure that your products are properly inspected.

Detectronic X-Ray inspection systems detect metal contaminants better than any metal detectors can do.

Product effects such as foil or metallic packaging does not affect the detection level. Furthermore Detectronic X-Ray machines easily detect non-metallic components such as glass, stone, bone, plastic, rubber, ceramic, cement, PVC, and other high-density contaminants Detectronic X-Ray inspection systems come in both wet- and dry versions, and are suited for processing lines to inspect both unpacked and packed foods like ready meals, poultry, fish, meat, convenience food, bulk, grain, confectionary, bakery etc.

For the wet environment these machines comply with IP 69K and can be disassembled for cleaning purposes in less than 20 seconds. Dry machines still uphold a high IP-rating to protect the machine against splash, dust etc.

Tehcnical data
Additional info operation temperature 0 - 35 C
Belt speed 0,1 - 40 m/min
Belt width 500 mm
Electrical Requirements 230 Vac+N+Pe; 2000 W; 50/60 Hz
Product dimensions 480 x 100 mm

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Detectronic Dete-X 30-500

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