• Detectronic Dete-X 50-30

A common issue for most food producing companies is focus on product value, yield and consistency. It is therefore great importance to avoid complaints because of bones in what is supposed to be boneless products.

The Detectronic Dete-X automatic X- ray inspection machine is designed to find bones in e.g fish, poultry and meat with a very high accuracy and is therefore your gaurentee that no products are shipped to customers before inspection.

The Detectronic Dete-X system will analyze each fish fillet, poultry breast or other food products for bone content with the purpose of sorting the product out for further inspection, trimming or down grading. The result of this is a safer and more valuable product for the producer.

In addition the Detectronic Dete-X will at the same time scan for metal, glas and other foreign objects that can be contained in the product. All Detectronic machines for the wet industry are made in stainless steel and of materials that are approved for the food industry. The machines are protected to IP 67 standards.

Detectronic provide a wide range of inspection stations tailor made to your industry. The inspection stations can be equipped with a gate for sorting out contaminated product, and a high resolution display that will highlight the bone location for easy operator removal. Through the advanced data collection program the Detectronic Dete-X machine registers all products scanned and stores the information in a remote open database for easy access. The data can be used for quality analysis or for reporting towards customers.

Using an open database you wouldn’t be linked to a specific and often costly standard software solution. This saves money and could in many cases spare you time and headache.

Other applications of the Detectronic Dete-X machines are end of line scanning where each individual pack is scanned for e.g metal, glass, foreign objects, bones and missing products. The result is increased food safety and a better consistency of your products.

Tehcnical data
Additional info operation temperature 0 - 35 C
Belt speed 0,1 - 40 m/min
Belt width 350 mm
Electrical Requirements 230 Vac+N+Pe; 2000 W; 50/60 Hz
Product dimensions 300 x 100 mm
Water consumption max 1 l/min

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Detectronic Dete-X 50-30

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