• Holac Cubixx 100 LP

The smallest fully automatic dicer on the market

The  Cubixx 100 LP is our smallest fully automatic dicer in the range. Based on an know-how built up on our experiences of having over a 1000 Cubixx dicers in the market world-wide, the Cubixx 100LP incorporates a perfect combination of fully sealed loading chamber with hydraulic pressure plate cylinder and automatic shear blade cut-off.  Designed with both smaller or industrial users in mind and ideal for the processing of loose or formed products be it meat, sausage or fish. Able to be loaded by hand or with the option of infeed conveyor or hoist loader.

  • Fully sealed product loading chamber with open drainages
  • Fully automatic mazine loading by hydraulically driven sidewall and guillotine cut-off blade
  • THC-sysem*
  • Touchscreen
  • Two-part heavy duty grid
  • Hardened shear edges and product stabilizers
  • Simple and safe grid-set fixing

Tehcnical data
Cutting length 4 - 50 mm
Cutting width 4 - 50 mm
Electrical Requirements 3,7 kW
Feed 1 - 35 mm
Product dimensions 100 x 100 x 510 mm
Throughput max. 2000 kg/h

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Holac Cubixx 100 LP

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