The multifunctional cheese-cutting machine

The Cheesixx is the smallest model amongst the machines in the cheese processing product range. Whether you require small, medium-sized, or large dice, sticks or "flakes", or special shapes such as triangles or shreds, with its patented cutting technology, the Cheesixx handles all applications reliably and effectively.

  • Magazine equipped with pneumatically powered chamber closing plate
  • Fully-sealed product loading chamber with open drainages
  • THC system for perfect shredding*
  • Product pre loading position
  • Computer controlled with touch screen
  • Cutting sets for dices and sticks and other shapes
  • Cutting sets for shredding

Tehcnical data
Cutting length 5 - 50 mm
Cutting width 5 - 50 mm
Electrical Requirements 3,5 kW
Feed 1 - 40 mm
Product dimensions 105 x 100 x 380 mm
Throughput max. 1300 kg/h

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Holac Cheesixx

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