The large cheese-cutting machine for flexible high performance

The AUT 200 L is the high performance cheese-cutting machine in the holac range. It combines high performance and flexible use, and can be quickly adapted to new products. The innovative infeed with the top-press system enables this machine to process blocks, loose products and slicer offcuts. Its sophisticated control system is worth of particular mention, as this enables it to be optimally integrated into processing lines.

  • Fully sealed magazine with open drainages
  • Sidewall opening, can be adjusted to product size for loading
  • THC system for perfect shredding*
  • HD hydraulics for cheese processing
  • Adjustable blade speed
  • Computer controlled
  • Product window in blade chamber
  • Top-press system*
  • Cutting sets for dices and sticks and other shapes
  • Cutting sets for shredding

Tehcnical data
Cutting length 5 - 58 mm
Cutting width 5 - 100 mm
Electrical Requirements 13,0 kW
Feed 1 - 40 mm
Product dimensions 200 x 116 x 535 mm
Throughput max. 3800 kg/h

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Holac AUT 200 L

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