Flake ice machine (rotating evaporator) for connection to an external refrigeration unit or multicompressor refrigeration system.

Ice output 400-12000 kg / 24 h

Series machines:

  • RVH 400
  • RVH 800
  • RVH 1000
  • RVH 1500
  • RVH 2000
  • RVH 2500
  • RVH 3000
  • RVH 6000
  • RVH 9000
  • RVH 12000

This machine type is part of the new HY-GEN flake ice line. The HY-GEN products have been designed in a completely new way and even the smallest screw is drafted to allow the production of flake ice that meets with strictest hygiene requirements. The core piece is the innovative evaporation tank in plastics, which can be easily removed for manual cleaning. Moreover, the evaporation tank is free from integral built-in parts, which make systematic cleaning complicate and difficult. Regarding water supply, MAJA trusts in innovative DVGW-compliant systems. 

With the HY-GEN-philosophy, MAJA does not leave hygiene to chance any longer!

Equipment & features

Control panel standard

Standard control unit for MAJA Flake Ice Machines HY-GEN line. 

With START and STOP buttons for ice production. AUTO-CLEAN button for start of automatic evaportator self-cleaning system (only if option MAJA-SCS is installed). WATER button for drain water outlet. TEST button for automatic control if all machine parts are ready for operation after manual cleaning.

Tehcnical data
Additional info water temperature: 16°C, ambient temperature: +20°C, higher temperatures may lead to reduced ice output, for optimized working conditions concerning ice capacity and ice quality a suction line heat exchanger is necessary, refrigeration capacity required to - 20,5°C, 2,2kW - 33,0kW
Electrical Requirements 3AC/50Hz/400V/PE; 0,28-1,04 kW
Output 400-12000 kg / 24 h
Refrigerant R 404A, others on demand
Water connection water supply: ¾'' external thread; drain water 1'' hose clip
Water consumption 0,4-12 m³ /24h

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Maja RVH series

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