Flake ice machine (rotating evaporator) for direct operation with ammonia NH3 (R717) operation. The direkt operation with NH3 guarantees best efficiency. NH3 is appreciated for its environment-friendly caracteristics: ozone depletion potential ODP = 0, global warming potential = 0. With integrated safety system (gas detector and automatic cutoff and blockage in case of leakage. With electronic evaporation pressure regulation. 

Conditions for the installation of a RVH with NH3 direct operation:

  • Existing NH3 multicompressor refrigeration unit
  • NH3-multicompressor refrigeration unit must work in pump operation, that means the refrigerant circulates in liquid form.
  • Ammonia temperature approx. - 30°C
  • Pump pressure 2 - 4 bar 

Ice output 14000 kg / 24 h 

This machine type is part of the new HY-GEN flake ice line. The HY-GEN products have been designed in a completely new way and even the smallest screw is drafted to allow the production of flake ice that meets with strictest hygiene requirements. The core piece is the innovative evaporation tank in plastics, which can be easily removed for manual cleaning. Moreover, the evaporation tank is free from integral built-in parts, which make systematic cleaning complicate and difficult. Regarding water supply, MAJA trusts in innovative DVGW-compliant systems. 

With the HY-GEN-philosophy, MAJA does not leave hygiene to chance any longer!

Equipment & features

2 x Control Panel Touch

2 pieces of standard control unit with touch display for MAJA Flake Ice Machines:

  • RVH 12000 NH3

Advantages of the Control Panel Touch:

  • Well-arranged presentation of the control and display elements
  • Easy operation
  • Input directly on the display
  • Programming of automatic start and stop times
  • Programming of automatic cleaning cycles (only with option MAJA-SCS self-cleaning system)
  • Fast and easy change of language
  • Display of additional information
  • Visualization of state of sanitation
  • Sanitation journal for documentation of all manual and automatic cleaning measures
  • Error code indication on the display in clear text
  • Display error memory
  • Degree of protection IP 65
  • Also available with cable 10 and 18 m.
  • Optional accessory: Protective cover for touch display

Tehcnical data
Additional info water supply temperature +16°C, ambient temperature +20°C, higher temperatures may lead to reduced ice output, for water temperatures between +2°C and +15°C, an external water pre-heater is necessary, refrigeration capacity required to -30°C, 84,0 kW
Electrical Requirements 3AC/50Hz/400V/PE; 2 x 0,96 kW
Output 14000 kg / 24 h
Refrigerant R 404A, others on demand
Water connection water supply: ¾'' external thread; drain water 1'' hose clip
Water consumption 14 m³ /24h

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Maja RVH 12000 NH3

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