The conveyorized derinding machine SKINNY II is the smallest and most appreciated derinder in butcheries. It can be used for automatic derinding of all flat pieces of meat, which are introduced into the machine through an infeed conveyor belt. In manual (open) mode, round pieces of meat can be derinded, too. The SKINNY II meets with the CE safety regulations regarding operator safety and sanitation conditions. 

The advantages of the SKINNY II:

  • One machine for all cuts: The possibility of automatic operation and manual operation allow universal use and flexibility.
  • High operator safety for derinding of flat cuts by using the infeed conveyor belt.
  • Quick conversion from automatic to manual derinding without the use of tools.
  • Excellent result: Perfect removal of the rind without residuals for increased yield and more benefit.

Equipment & features

Wide range of applications

  • For derinding of all fresh boneless pork cuts, e.g. belly, backfat, jowl, shoulder, shoulder cover, ham...., as well as round boneless cuts from shoulder and ham.
  • Universal use: one machine for all derinding applications.
  • The infeed conveyor belt allows the automatic power- and time-saving and especially safe derinding of flat cuts, allowing also to small handcraft butcheries to fulfill the current EC safety regulations.
  • Round cuts can be manually derinded in open mode (tool-free fitting of the work table).

Excellent skinning result

  • Perfect removal of the rind without residues on the products. Thus no expensive post-processing.
  • The rind is free of fat / meat, thus increased yield and more profit.

Simple machine structure for easy handling

  • Durable indirect ON/OFF pushbuttons in stainless steel.
  • Tooth roller drive respectively the activation of the derinding process by foot pedal made from flat material for comfortable operation.
  • Quick changing without the use of tools from automatic operation with conveyor belt to open derinding with work table.
  • The divided cover hood is easy to raise for more operator mobility. If necessary, it can also be removed completely.

Individual rind thickness adjustment

  • Individually adjustable rind thickness by hand lever on the machine side panel.
  • Quick adaptation to different meat cuts or product requirements.
  • Precise derinding result, high product quality.

Continuous tooth roller cleaning

  • Continuous cleaning of the tooth roller by scraper for an always good derinding result, without interruptions of the work process for cleaning the tooth roller from rind and fat residuals.

Easy knife holder handling

  • Dismounting of the knife holder without tools. Thus time savings for knife changes and cleaning.

Flexible installation

  • Equipped with swivel casters with brake for easy individual positioning.
  • Space savings by small footprint.

High safety standard

  • The machine is in accordance with EN 12355 for derinding machines.
  • This machine range is labeled with the GS seal of approval for safety, tested by the German recognized body BGN (Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel & Gastgewerbe, German Accident Prevention & Insurance Association).

Hygienic machine design for food processing:

  • Quick and easy cleaning allows perfect sanitary conditions as the machine parts to be cleaned can be removed within seconds and without the use of tools. Thus time savings and high operational safety.
  • Cleaning water can run off easily from chamfered surfaces thus no residues of water, dirt or cleaning agent (e.g. inclined hood).
  • Embedded and sealed lateral panels so that no dirt can enter the machine housing.
  • Completely sealed motor housing protects the motor from splash water or dirt.
  • Seamless shape and no screws in the food area, thus excellent cleaning possibilities.
  • All machine parts are made from food safe material.

MAJA quality for durability and long-life cycle

  • Housing made from high quality stainless steel providing solid construction for maintaining machine value.
  • Use of solid machine components with a long life cycle for reduced maintenance and follow-up costs.

Tehcnical data
Cutting width 434 mm
Electrical Requirements 0,75 kW, 3AC/50Hz/400V; 1.0 h.p., 208-230/460v / 60Hz

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