Compact flake ice machine, ice output 85 kg / 24 h with integrated condensing unit (air-cooled execution) and mobile ice storage system EV 50 for 50 kg of MAJA flake ice.

The SAH 85 L offers ideal optimale hygiene conditions and high comfort for the daily handling of flake ice:

The SAH 85 L is labelled 'HY-GEN protected', our sanitation principle for the production of pure MAJA flake ice. HY-GEN flake ice machines are designed to allow quick and easy cleaning and the production of flake ice under excellent sanitary conditions. The core piece is the evaporator tank in plastic material, which can easily be removed for cleaning. 

The produced ice falls directly into the mobile ice storage system EV 50. It considerably facilitates the handling of flake ice: The EV 50 enables the convenient transport in and out of the facility. Moreover, it is the ideal solution for perfect flake ice storage.

Easy operation

Illuminated ON/OFF pushbuttons with function and error code indication, start/stop function of self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS 

Standard control unit for SAH 85 L and SAH 170 L. 

Option: Control Panel Timer with timer function

Reliable PLC-control unit

High-quality finish

Frame and housing made completely from stainless steel

Integrated heat-exchanger

Refrigerant stop valve and refrigerant pump-down when the machine stops

Tehcnical data
Additional info water temperature: 16°C, ambient temperature: +20°C, higher temperatures may lead to reduced ice output.
Condensing unit air-cooled execution
Electrical Requirements 1AC/50Hz/230V/N/PE; 0,58 kW
Output 85 kg / 24 h
Refrigerant R 404A, others on demand
Silo capacity 50 kg
Water connection water supply: ¾“ external thread; drain water: 2 x ¾“ hose clip
Water consumption 0,085 m³ /24h

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Maja SAH 85 L

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