TC4356, the perfect clipper for use in the meat production industry. It stuffs raw and boiled sausages, with and without diced meat, cooked ham and pressed meat into fiber or artificial casings. It has been developed with the well-established single clipper TC1590 E-N as a basis. The smooth, short product path means that the TC4356 is especially suitable for delicate raw sausages. The turret makes it extremely economical, because during the stuffing process a new casing is simultaneously drawn onto the next tube. This is especially advantageous for long casing sections. High physical strain due to manual operation and incorrect posture are in the past.

Times of the consecutively running operations, stuffing, gathering, clipping and swivelling, can be defined for each product. The optimum values are saved electronically, and can be used again immediately when needed. A microprocessor controls the pneumatic drive.

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Tipper Tie TC4356

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