• Handtmann HVF 664

The Handtmann HVF 664 is perfectly adapted for the production of hams made of meat cut in small pieces or ground material with size of pieces up to about 500 grams, for example formed hams. A greater amount of evacuation has a positive effect on the quality of the ham. The HVF 664 delivers output that sets new standards in this largest market segment worldwide for ham products: excellent product quality and product presentation with no air remaining, due above all to extremely high evacuation power. Perfect weight monitoring and the fact that the compact continuous portioning system requires no external portioning unit ensures that the most exacting financial demands are met.


  • Optimum cell filling of the vane cell feed system and outstanding weight precision, even with a very high hopper vacuum exerted when the feed mechanism is active
  • Unique product quality for premium ham with significantly improved sectional look, entrapped air completely eliminated
  • Continuous filling and portioning without and additional devices ensures high, effective output.
  • Clipping machines and other auxiliary attachments can be directly connected

  • Integrated inline grinder GD 93-3
  • Floor-standing reservoir type 695 or type 697
  • Parts trolley 449-2
  • HCU connection
  • Can be connected to clipping machines

Tehcnical data
Filling capacity up to 14,400 kg/h
Filling pressure up to 30/35 bar
Hopper content 450 litres

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Handtmann HVF 664

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