• Anko SB-880

Automatic Multi Function Sheeting, Filling, Rolling & Forming Production Line

SB-880 is made by ANKO for particularly making stuffed foods such as steam bun, steam bread, meat bun, threaded steam bun, beef roll, etc. The advanced design keeps dough texture the same after being rolled up. The SB-880-made final products can compete with hand-made ones.


  • Pressing dough -> Sheeting -> Dividing -> Filling -> Forming automatically
  • Wide variety of Products
  • Mold is easy to change. Machine can be equipped with a special stuffing hopper to keep the texture of vegetable in stuffing. The rolling forming function will not destroy the texture of dough, so that the finished food products are the same as hand-made.
  • Advanced Design and Sanitary
  • Machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain. All parts contact with food are made of food standard stainless steel.
  • Easy to Operate, Save Time and Labor
  • Operator needs no experience, production is rapid. The thickness of dough wrapper, quantity of stuffing and size of finished product are adjustable.

Tehcnical data
Electrical Requirements 220/380/415 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 4.5 kw
Portioning performance 80 - 4000 pcs/hr (Depend On Weight of Product)
Portioning range 15 - 150 g (Round Shape) ; 15 - 600g (Cylinder Shape)

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Anko SB-880

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