• Handtmann HVF 670

The Handtmann HVF 670 is a unique device specially designed for efficient production of premium ham made from large and whole muscle pieces with individual pieces over 500 grams in weight. 

Without an attachment portioning unit, the HVF 670 portions and fills ham of all qualities with impressive speed, efficiency and accuracy. The production features are unmatched for processing large cuts of meat including entire topsides/silversides, setting a completely new standard in quality for cooked ham processing. Individual pieces are gently positioned and remain intact as whole muscle pieces. When combined with the outstanding evacuation provided by high-vacuum technology, the result is a top-notch product with no trapped air or gel deposit.


  • Vane cell feed system with large feeding volume for whole muscle pieces. 
  • Available cell sizes: 1.6 / 3.3 / 5 kg
  • Short product route and large 100-mm outlet cross section ensure optimum gentle handling of product
  • No rubbing and therefore no meat-like pieces trapped inside
  • Outstanding product quality for high-quality ham products made from large and whole muscle pieces with optimum product binding
  • Preserves the muscle structure with just a few cuts in the system
  • Clipping machines and other auxiliary attachments can be directly connected


  • Floor-standing reservoir type 697
  • Parts trolley 449-3
  • HCU connection
  • Can be connected to clipping machines

Tehcnical data
Filling capacity up to 16,000 kg/h
Filling pressure up to 10 bar
Hopper content 450 litres

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Handtmann HVF 670

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