• Handtmann HVF 660

The Handtmann HVF 660 high-vacuum filler offers the option of producing both new and existing products more economically with high-vacuum technology. The outstanding evacuation of Handtmann's high-vacuum technology produces an absolutely pore-free product. Spreadable sausage, cooked salami, summer sausage and cooked sausage all benefit from efficient hopper loading and extremely gentle product handling. High production output, the very latest in energy footprint, the most recent safety and hygiene standards and not least a specially adapted parts trolley for ergonomic work stand for efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a very short amortisation time.


  • Complete elimination of residual air ensures top-notch product quality with a clear sectional look
  • This ensures longer shelf life and flawless appearance including inside the packaging
  • Very high production output due to outstanding suction and continuous filling without downtimes
  • Optimum feeding ensures excellent portioning output and weight accuracy
  • Highest level of evacuation for a shorter curing time and higher sales weight
  • Optional use of an integrated Handtmann inline grinder system offers additional optimisation of product processing and quality.
  • Compact, all-purpose system is easy to handle and inexpensive to maintain


  • Integrated inline grinder GD 93-3
  • Floor-standing reservoir 695 with optional lifting device
  • Parts trolley 449-2
  • Integrated weight compensation
  • HCU connection
  • Can be connected to clipping machines

Tehcnical data
Filling capacity up to 10,200 kg/h
Filling pressure up to 40 bar
Hopper content 450 litres

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Handtmann HVF 660

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