Compact nugget ice machine from MAJA with condensing unit (air-cooled execution)

Nugget ice output 970 kg / 24 h

MAJA nugget ice has a temperature of -0,5°C. The ice consists from shiny, unregularly shaped nuggets with granular structure. Thus ideal refrigeration and presentation of foodstuff, such as fresh fish, seafood, salads, fruit etc. It can also be used for refrigeration of beverage, also for mixing of drinks and cocktails.

Equipment & features

Reliable low-maintenance technology

Compact ice machine ready for plug & play, with integrated condensing unit in air-cooled execution

Easy operation

By ON/OFF pushbutton, with a LED-display for indication of operation modes

Solid machine construction

Front and side panels, top panel as well as ice chute made from stainless steel. 

Ground plate in galvanized steel.

Tehcnical data
Additional info water temperature: 10°C, ambient temperature: +10°C, higher temperatures may lead to reduced ice output; housing: front, side and top panels, ground plate and ice chute from stainless steel; MAJA recommends to use a water filter system to protect the machine from sediment and limescale deposit for better hygiene.
Condensing unit air-cooled (L), water-cooled (W) on demand
Electrical Requirements 3AC/50Hz/400V/PE; 3,6 kW; 4.8 h.p.
Output 970 kg / 24 h
Refrigerant R 404A
Water connection water supply ¾“ external thread, drain water ¾“ hose clip
Water consumption 0,97 m³ /24h

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Maja NA 970 L

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