• Verbufa XYZ Dosing Machine

The Verbufa XYZ filler allows any conceivable movement to be performed and repeated. The XYZ filler makes it is possible to dose spreadables such as minced beef, salads, pesto, cake fillings and ready-made meals into packaging, tray sealers and vacuum-pack trays of virtually any shape. Easily exchangeable nozzles allow an extremely wide range of products to be portioned.

In combination with Handtmann vacuum fillers and Verbufa MVD flow divider, this unit guarantees outstanding weight accuracy.

Tehcnical data
Additional info Direct connection to every Handtmann VF5XX, VF6XX and VF8XX series
Air pressure 6 bar
Electrical Requirements 230V / 10 A / 50 Hz

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Verbufa XYZ Dosing Machine

  • Brand: Verbufa
  • Product Code: VDMXYZ
  • Availability: In Stock

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