The Verbufa COEX forming system is an optimal solution for shaping filled products, e.g. potato and cheese products filled with vegetables, meatballs with sauce and filled frikadellers. The COEX forming machine connects directly to the outputs of two Handtmann vacuum fillers. The master filler is used for portioning the outer filling and the slave filler supplies the inner filling. In combination with Handtmann vacuum fillers and the Verbufa flow divider, it is possible to portion products extremely accurately.

Tehcnical data
Additional info Direct connection to the MBF-1, GMD99-2 and VF6XX, VF8XX series
Electrical Requirements 230V / 4,5 A / 50 Hz

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Verbufa Paper Interleaver (VPI)

  • Brand: Verbufa
  • Product Code: VPI
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