Fully automatic dicer with outstanding cutting characteristics

The Maxx 116 LP is the fully automatic multipurpose dicer that offers reliability and flexibility combined with outstanding cutting characteristics. With either the lift-tilt mechanism or the automatic infeed conveyor belts, it always delivers maximum output.

  • Fully sealed VAC loading chamber with open drainages
  • Sidewall opening, can be adjusted to product size for loading
  • THC system*
  • Maxx-pack for products with high cutting resistance*
  • Double pressure-plate cylinder
  • Tool control feature*
  • Fully automatic lubrication system
  • Computer controlled with touch screen
  • Product window in blade chamber
  • Hopper tilt-support*
  • Integrated lift-tilt mechanism (optional)
  • Two-part grid
  • Hardened shear edges and product stabilisers
  • Simple and safe grid fixation
  • Intelligent automatic slice speed control

Tehcnical data
Cutting length 4 - 58 mm
Cutting width 4 - 58 mm
Electrical Requirements 11,0 kW
Feed 1 - 40 mm
Product dimensions 116 x 116 x 535 mm
Throughput max. 2800 kg/h

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Holac Maxx 116 LP

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