High performance slicer with maximum yield

The Optimus Sect 280 combines the advantages of a continuous feed slicer with a conventional gripper system. With the unique Optimus Sect 280 product stability feature, end piece sizes are minimised and the product is sliced evenly during feeding. Fully automatic removal of the first and end piece cuts in combination with grouping option realizes high yield effective usage of the final product delivered by the machine.

  • Dynamic servo blade drive for 1 up to 900 cuts per minute
  • Stable cut-off blade and blade scraper for a clean cut
  • Angled product cut for optional grouping
  • Computer controlled with Touchscreen
  • Continous product feed by infeed belt and downholder belt
  • Variable belt speed and slice thickness
  • Optional separation of cut slices
  • Quick, effective sanitation
  • Fully automatic piece release system

Tehcnical data
Additional info discharge conveyor
Electrical Requirements 13,0 kW
Feed 1-250 mm
Product dimensions 280 x 180 mm
Throughput 450/900 min -1

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Holac Optimus Sect 280

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